What we do
We take a different perspective to oil and gas investing by leveraging data, technology and experience to execute a return-driven approach.
Our competitive advantage
We focus on long-term value through “active management” of our asset base.
We are data driven and leverage proprietary systems built for accuracy, execution and scalability.
Our lengthy history of evaluating, acquiring and integrating each acquisition makes us a partner of choice for both large and small oil and gas operators.
Prudent risk managers
We believe risk management is more than hedging and low debt. It includes:
  • diversifying investments
  • rigorously researching and evaluating opportunities before engaging in negotiations
  • utilizing technology to lower costs and more efficiently manage day-to-day operations
  • managing working capital to our advantage
Track record
We completed our spin-off in January 2023. Since that date, we have paid $3.025 of cash dividends per common share.
Our assets consist of approximately 50,000 net acres and interests in over 6,800 gross producing wells.
We were established in 2013 with an original equity investment of $50 million which was increased to $500 million by 2018. During the period from inception to spin-off, we returned $124 million.
We understand the importance of conducting our business responsibly. We take pride in being good corporate citizens and are focused on understanding and meeting the needs of our stockholders, employees, and business partners. We believe that ESG responsibility starts with our Board and executive team, and also extends to each of our employees.