Bob Gerrity

Bob Gerrity is the CEO of Vitesse and determines culture and directs strategy, spending and acquisitions. Vitesse found its roots in the Bakken when Bob invested his own capital to purchase non-operated working interest acreage in 2010. Bob has personally participated in over 500 gross wells to date.

Bob got his start in the oil industry in 1982 by purchasing an interest in four newly drilled Codell wells in the Wattenberg Field of Colorado. He established Gerrity Oil and Gas Corporation (Gerrity Oil) as a low-cost operator that provided economic performance in a depressed price environment. This attracted hedge funds, family offices and an endowment fund from 1982 to 1989. Gerrity Oil went public in 1990.

In the early 90s, Gerrity Oil was one of the most active operators in the country, running 19 rigs in the Wattenberg Field.  The company merged with Snyder Oil’s Wattenberg assets in 1996 to form Patina Oil & Gas Corporation (Patina), which was eventually merged into Noble Resources. Gerrity Oil’s core properties represent a meaningful part of Noble’s current activities in the Wattenberg.

Bob and his wife enjoy hiking, surfing, golfing and reading.